Individual Counselling

In our counselling session, it is all about you. You get my undivided attention to explore any distressing feelings.
When we have a problem, our whole system gets upset – body, mind and emotions are experiencing distress and maybe even pain.
Together we will gently explore your situation, and as you open, the insights and solutions you need can present themselves. I believe that we have what we need already inside of us -we just need to make space for it. My job is to guide you through this process by being present, listening, asking questions, and offering suggestions. I will also provide tools and exercises specially designed for you and your situation.

Relationship Counselling

Romantic Relationships

Most of us long for love, connection, and intimacy. We hope to find those qualities in our romantic relationships. But that doesn’t always work out. Sometimes we go through a phase of difficulty, conflict and pain. During those times, we may need support.
Throughout our sessions, we will explore how to improve intimacy, honesty, and friendship with yourself and with your partner. I will provide you with the support you need to resolve conflict in a healthy, productive way that results in growing together.

Is Your Relationship a Little Different?

I meet people from all walks of life. No matter your gender identity, sexual orientation, or relationship format, you are welcome. I work with singles, and those in monogamous, polyamorous and any other kind of relationship, traditional or non-traditional.

Meditation Coaching

Meditation, as I practice it, is the art of sitting in stillness and listening. If you have never tried it, it might feel strange or unfamiliar at first. The body can get uncomfortable, and the mind can get very loud. You can learn to observe, identify and accept the mental noise. Then, a different experience can set in: a sense of expansion and stillness. This experience can feel refreshing, rejuvenating and instil a sense of happiness.

Finding Your Meditation Routine​

Our lives are busy, and it can be challenging to find a daily or weekly routine.  My invitation is to be creative when it comes to developing your meditation practice. Whatever set up you choose, if you don’t look forward to it, you may skip your sessions.

The Work

‘The Work’ was developed by American author and teacher Byron Katie. It is a powerful technique that can lead you straight to the core of your distress and help you see more clearly what is really going on for you. However, ‘The Work’ is more than a tool. It can guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself, others, and life.

Its power lies in its simplicity. It consists of just four questions – the answers to those questions will come from you, for you. It is about allowing your answers to arise from within you and tapping into your own inner wisdom. Learning the technique can give you independence because you can do The Work on your own, any time, anywhere, and free.

Self-Inquiry through Art

Drawing, painting, creative writing, and poetry can be tools to find out more about your subconscious. As a visual artist and creative writer, I can guide you to express and explore yourself through art. You don’t need any prior artistic experience.

Kickstart Your Creativity

Do you want to be creative but don’t know how to start? As I see it, anyone can paint, draw, sculpt, write, make music – anybody can create. It is not reserved for a chosen few. If you feel a desire to be creative, but it is not happening, you most likely have a belief system that limits you. We all have an inner critic who restricts us from exploring and playing freely. Kickstart your Creativity is specially designed to work on your mental blocks and free your creative spirit.

Workshop Mentoring

Would you like to run a workshop and share your skills with people? Maybe you don’t have the experience yet to plan or structure a workshop. I am passionate about workshop creation and facilitation, and happy to assist you in sharing your gifts with others. Workshop mentoring covers:

  • Support in planning and conducting your workshop
  • Identifying insecurities and fears
  • How to become a good facilitator
  • Tools and exercises designed for your participants


If you are working with people, you may face challenging moments. Maybe a client touches on your own story and vulnerability. As facilitators, we can even encounter our own blind spots, self-doubt and trigger points.

In these cases, you may benefit from talking with a non-biased professional in a supportive and safe environment. Your and your clients confidentiality is always a priority during supervision.