About Me

I am a counsellor, artist and a lover of nature living in the Byron Bay Hinterland, Australia.
I have travelled extensively for decades. I trained and worked with extraordinary mentors, teachers and therapists. During this time, I have explored many different methods of self-development and inquiry.
In my daily life, I draw inspiration from nature, art and people like Byron Katie, Paul Lowe, Brene Brown, Ram Dass, Anthony de Mello, and many others. I am just like you, in a constant process of learning and evolving every day.
Self-inquiry has always been an essential part of my life. To me, self-inquiry means getting to know myself more intimately, developing an understanding and acceptance of my thoughts, emotions, reactions and behaviours. I am passionate about supporting people in their own inquiry, assisting them to become more aware of their inner world.

What I do...

Firstly I am offering you a safe space to share your story and to be heard. Just by sharing and expressing your feelings, something new can happen. Together we will look at methods and tools that can support you to come to a deeper understanding of your situation. Seeing yourself and understanding unconscious patterns, motives and fears is the first step towards your clarity.
I take a flexible and inclusive approach to counselling. My work combines a variety of techniques to fit your individual requirements. Every session is tailored to your needs, your personal strengths and limitations.

What I believe...

I believe that most of our human behaviour, thoughts and emotions are learned as we grow up. We have been conditioned to feel, think and behave in certain ways. Our conditioning is sometimes useful to live a worldly life, but it can also be a restriction.

Who Would We Be Without Restrictions?

Our conditioning can feel so real that we accept it as our true nature. But the sages, teachers, and philosophers have forever told us that our true essence lies beyond our conditioning. So who are we if we are not who we think we are? What or who is our authentic self? Where is it hiding? And how do we get in touch with it?
The first step is to notice our restrictions, and that takes a bit of patience and observational skills such as those cultivated through mindfulness. Most of our limitations start in the mind as thoughts. Thoughts trigger emotions, and a bodily sensation follows. Stressful thoughts trigger stressful, emotional and physical responses.

The Power of Thought

We have thousands of random thoughts per day. They run through our head and trigger our mood. For instance: I can’t do it. I don’t deserve this. I am not enough. They will not like me. I need approval. I can’t find a partner. I should try harder. I am too overweight. I can’t make enough money. Success will make me happy. I am lonely.
Thoughts of this nature keep us feeling small and unfulfilled, because we believe them. They become habitual without us even being aware of the process.

The Process of Noticing

I believe that our thought patterns are at the root of our discomfort. Thoughts come first, and emotions and body sensations follow immediately, often too quick for us to even realise what came first.
My invitation is to notice whatever discomfort is present: a thought, an emotion or a sensation. This is where we start. During a session, you can take time to be still and listen to a deeper part in you, dropping to the source of your distress.

A Delightful Surprise

In my experience, at the source of our distress lies not the ultimate pain as we may fear, but a surprise. You may discover something profound and delightful at the same time. You find that it is not what you feared, but what you secretly, subconsciously, hoped for.

Are you curious?

Training & Experience

  • Five Years training and co-leading with Martin Rubeau, in Gestalt Therapy, Berlin, Germany.
  • Two Years Tantra Training with Margo Anand, Peter Schröter and Eva Szabo, Germany.
  • Three Years Developing and running women’s workshops with Silke Wahnfried, Germany & Czech Republic.
  • Five Years assisting and co-leading with Dinesh Juckoff, in encounter groups, couple workshops, body work, breath work, meditation, Europe.
  • Eight Years assisting and training with Paul Lowe, in awareness, self-inquiry and meditation, Germany, UK, USA, Canada.
  • Facilitation Training for ‘The Work’, with Rosie Stave, Byron Bay, Australia.
  • Creative Life: Fine Arts Diploma, Australia.
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