The Work of Byron Katie

An online introduction to The Work of Byron Katie. Join us and discover your own wisdom and insight.

Saturday, 27.3.2021, 9 am -12 pm CET
Sunday, 28.3.2021, 9 am -12 pm CET

The Work gives us a new perspective

The Work was developed by Byron Katie. It is a powerful yet simple technique for challenging your stressful thoughts and beliefs. It can take you right to the core of your pain and stress and help you see more clearly what is really going on.

The Work consists of four questions and the turnarounds. The answers to these four questions come from you and are especially for you. They lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself, your situation, other people and the world.

What are stressful thoughts?

We all have unpleasant and stressful thoughts. These thoughts trigger our painful feelings and influence our behaviour. In this seminar, we will talk about how you get started with  The Work right away and find your peace and relaxation without changing your circumstances.

  • I am not enough.
  • Life is hard and unfair.
  • I need more love, money, recognition, sex, etc.
  • No one loves me.
  • Loneliness is terrible.
  • My life is meaningless.
  • I can’t live without him/her.

The Work of Byron Katie

Online Introduction
Saturday, 27.3.2021, 9 am -12 pm CET

(7 pm – 10 pm AEDT, NSW Time)
Sunday, 28.3.2021, 9 am -12 pm CET
(7 pm – 10 pm AEDT, NSW Time)

Price: $100 AUD / €100 EUR per Person
Language: English


Four questions that have the power to change your life

The Work of Byron Katie consists of four questions. Contemplating those questions can be life-changing.

  1. Is it true?
  2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true?
  3. How do you react, what happens if you believe that thought?
  4. Who would you be without the thought?

You can use The Work anytime and anywhere. Find your insights and become your own coach, teacher or therapist. You have the answers to all your questions! Your wisdom exists within you, now!  You just have to discover it. Are you curious? Then join us.

  • Explore the thoughts behind your emotional pain

  • Experience the four questions and deep insights

  • Enjoy the magic of the turnarounds
  • Find your inner wisdom, peace and joy

An introduction to The Work of Byron Katie
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