Personalised 6-Week Courses

What is a personalised course?

These courses are specially designed to work on one particular issue and dive deep. The one-on-one sessions are all live and not pre-recorded. They will support you to move forward and find more freedom. During our time together, you will receive inspirations, resources, guided meditations and homework. All material will be tailored to your personal needs and strength.

Self-Love & Self-Care

A 6-week personalised program

When you love yourself you make better choices.
Most people reject a particular part of themselves. We want to get rid of specific unwanted habits, behaviours, emotions, addictions or physical features.  How can we accept what we don’t like about ourselves? How can we love what we reject or even despise? That is the big question!

Question 1 of the work: is it really true

Introduction to The Work of Byron Katie

A 6-week personalised program

The Work is a powerful yet simple technique that can take you right to the core of your pain and stress. While the work is intriguingly simple, our minds and hearts often need guidance to connect with the true intend of The Work. Once you sense the deeper meaning and direction of the four questions and turnarounds, you can practice on your own and enjoy your independence.

woman in peace

Conflict Free Living

A 6-week personalised program

Quarreling, arguing, and fighting is painful and exhausting. But we often just don’t know how to do it differently. Our conflicts seem justified and our arguments reasonable.
Living more peacefully and joyfully means that we are less and less likely to get into fights, be it with our fellow human beings or with life. Acceptance instead of resistance. Harmony instead of struggle, relaxation instead of effort – that is what this course is about.

Kickstart Your Creativity

A 6-week personalised program

I believe anyone can paint, draw, sculpt, write or make music. It is not reserved for a chosen few. Kickstart Your Creativity is all about you and your creative expression. This program will inspire you to find more freedom, courage, and joy in your creative process and your life!