I offer online video counselling sessions via Zoom to clients around the world. Zoom is a secure and private platform that is relatively easy to use compared to others. The quality of the video is usually excellent providing you have a stable internet connection. Every session can be recorded and is available only to you afterwards.

Video counselling can take place in the form of individual sessions, couple or group sessions. You don’t need a Zoom account to join a meeting as a client.

What do you need for an online Zoom session?
• A computer (desktop or laptop), tablet or smartphone with a built-in webcam
• A reliable internet connection with sufficient data
• A suitably private space to do a counselling session. Possibly headphones to aid privacy.

I will assist you if you find technology intimidating.

Email Counselling

Maybe you find it difficult expressing yourself face-to-face? If so, then writing about your difficulties might make you feel more at ease. Also, it gives you time to reflect while you are composing your emails.

You may find it helpful to re-read your own emails and my responses as sometimes there can be a lot to take in and process.

How it works:

Send me an email describing your problem. Please give me a real-life example that demonstrates your current difficulty. Let me know how long this problem has been persisting and under what particular circumstances it occurs. Also please include what you have you have tried to do about it so far and whether it has worked for you.

You can expect a response within 4-5 days. I will spend at least one hour on a detailed reply – sending you a range of empathetic suggestions, tools and exercises.

Phone Counselling

Maybe you prefer to talk on the telephone?  Just email me and I will work out the time conversion for our session. I am in Australia on Sydney time.

All online and phone sessions are bound by confidentiality, just like face to face sessions.