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Self-Love & Self-Care

Most people struggle with a lack of self-worth and self-care to some degree or other. We don’t know how to practice self-love or how to be available to ourselves when we are needy or upset. Not only that, but we often tend to reject particular parts of us. We want to get rid of specific unwanted habits, behaviours, emotions, addictions or physical features. How to accept what we don’t like about ourselves? How to love what we reject or even despise? That is the big question!

Understandably, we don’t want our extra weight, illness, addiction, depression, divorce, unworthiness, anxiety etc. We hope to overcome these issues by working on them. Considerable time goes into attempting to meditate or exercise the problem away, to outsmart, analyse, control or fix it – anything but accepting and embracing out so-called ‘flaw’. Our overall attitude is rejection. We are saying, ‘No, thank you.’ We attempt to free ourselves, and when it does not work, we feel down, depressed, hopeless or as if we have failed.


There is a different way: Acceptance & Kindness

Loving what we don’t love seems impossible and even contradictory. If I love my addiction, then surely it will stay!? We are afraid it will make itself even more at home! We believe we are better off trying to get rid of it.

The wise teachers and sages who have reached a higher state of consciousness, are telling us the opposite is true. Their message is that we create inner conflict by resisting and fighting, and through that our so-called problems will persist. Acceptance and kindness will lead to what we long for – inner peace and freedom.

Once we get to know and accept ourselves, our mental, emotional and physical systems start to relax. As we relax, stress and anxiety melt away. Our inner knowledge, creativity, intuition and abilities become available to us. We all have those positive qualities, and when we are at peace, they become accessible.

My work aims to guide you towards a different attitude towards yourself and your problems. This process can be an intense experience, possibly bringing up our childhood. Most of our conditioning and programming took place in those early years of our life. While this process is deep, it can also be delightful, funny and creative. Humour and creativity are just as much part of the healing process as profound awareness-altering realisations.

Once we experience more self-worth and self-care, life changes, and we find more peace, joy and fulfilment.


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