About Me

I am a counselor, artist and a lover of nature. Self-inquiry has always been an important part of my life. To me, self-inquiry means getting to know myself more intimately, developing an understanding and acceptance of my thoughts, emotions, reactions and behaviours. I am passionate about supporting people in their own inquiry, helping them to become more aware of their internal world.
I have traveled extensively for many years, working and training with extraordinary mentors, teachers and therapists. During this time I have explored many different methods of self-development and inquiry.
In my daily life I draw inspiration from nature, art and people like Byron Katie, Paul Lowe, Brene Brown, Russel Brand, Ram Dass, Anthony de Mello, and many others.
I am just like you, in a constant process of learning and evolving every day.

What I do

My role is to listen and provide a safe, confidential space for you to express yourself and share your story. In sharing your experience without being judged, something new can happen – you can tap into deeper levels of your feelings, thoughts and behaviours.
I believe that you have the ability to access a deeper understanding of the situation that causes you pain and distress.
Every session is specially designed for you. We will integrate techniques and tools that are tailored to your needs and abilities.

Training & Experience

  • 5 Years training and co-leading with Martin Rubeau, Gestalt Therapy, Berlin, Germany
  • 2 Years Tantra Training with Margo Anand, Peter Schröter and Eva Szabo, Germany
  • 2 Years Developing and running Women’s Workshops with Silke Wahnfried, Germany
  • 5 Years assisting and co-leading Encounter Groups, Couple Workshops, Body Work, Breath Work, Meditation with Dinesh Juckoff, Germany & Austria
  • 8 Years assisting and training in Awareness and Self-Inquiry with Paul Lowe in Germany, UK, USA, Canada
  • Facilitation Training for ‘The Work’, with Rosie Stave, Byron Bay, Australia

Get in Touch

The first contact is a 30 minutes free phone or Skype/Zoom consultation to asses your situation and whether I am the right person for you. If so we can schedule your first session.

Individual sessions last for 90 minutes, couple sessions last for 120 minutes. All sessions are available in person or online (Zoom, Skype). Online sessions can be just as effective as face to face providing the internet connection is stable. Sessions can be held in German or English.


I believe everyone should have access to counselling. If you are experiencing financial constraints, are a student, have a pension card or have any other reasons please talk to me about fee adjustments.

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