Intuitive Counselling

Sabine Brosche


I am Sabine Brosche. I am a counselor, artist and nature addict. Since my early twenties I have been interested in human behaviour and our conditioning. I was very lucky to meet some amazing people on my way who have inspired me to see life from a different and more expanded perspective. My hope is that we can evolve beyond our human conditioning and live happier, and more fulfilling lives, supporting each other in the process. I believe that beyond our cultural, religious and personal conditioning lies an open field of our true potential.

Access Your Own Insights

You may not be in touch with it but you do have the capacity to access your own insights.
  You know what is best for you and how gentle your evolution is meant to be. And, another person can assist you to access your own deeper knowledge and find the answers to your questions. I see it as a privilege to listen to your story and support you in finding your insights.

I specilise in

  • Intuitive Counselling
  • Couple Counselling
  • Mediation & Relaxation
  • The Work (Byron Katie)
  • Art & Self Inquiry
  • Workshop Mentoring

Get in Touch

Our first contact is a 30 minutes free phone or Skype/Zoom consultation to asses your situation and whether I am the right person for you. If so we can schedule your first session. Session are available in German or English, face to face, Skype/Zoom or phone.

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