A 6-week Personalised Course

Most people reject a particular part of themselves. We want to get rid of specific unwanted habits, behaviours, emotions, addictions or physical features.  How can we accept what we don’t like about ourselves? How to love what we reject or even despise? That is the big question!
Understandably, we don’t want our extra weight, illness, addiction, depression, divorce, unworthiness, anxiety…etc. We hope to overcome these things: work on them, get rid of them, drop, forget, let it go and be free of them. Considerable time goes into attempting to meditate or exercise these issues away, to outsmart, analyse, control and fix – anything but accepting and embracing them. Usually, our overall attitude is rejection. We are saying, ‘No, thank you.’  There is a different way: Acceptance, kindness and love.

Course Content

During our time together, we will explore:

    • What aspects of yourself do you reject or judge?
    • How you treat yourself?
    • What compromises do you make based on unworthiness?
    • How does your lack of self-worth affect your life?
    • Can you be kind towards the part in you that has little self-worth?

I aim to guide you gently towards a different attitude towards yourself, your problems and your so-called ‘imperfections’. Acceptance will open the door to a new relaxed you that is stronger, wiser and freer.
This can be an intense experience and can bring up our past and even our early childhood. Most of our conditioning and programming took place in those first years of your life. While this process is deep, it can also be delightful, funny and creative. Humour and creativity are just as much part of the healing process as profound awareness altering realisations.

Course Structure

Within our 6 weeks together, we will meet for six 90 minute sessions (either face to face or via video zoom). In between sessions, I will send you personalised exercises and homework. Together we will set the pace of the 6-week course, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.
Each new session will build on the one before, and on the homework you did. Completing your homework and a certain amount of journaling is essential for this process. Don’t worry if you are not a big writer – journaling can take the shape of notes, lists, drawing, poetry or even songwriting. We will work with a range of techniques. Self-inquiry will be part of the process, as well as other therapeutic approaches. Each session will be tailored for your specific situation and needs.

Contact & More Info

Please contact me if you any questions at sabine@sabinebrosche.com
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