Rumi Poem

The Guest HouseThis being human is a guest house.Every morning a new arrival.A joy, a depression, a meanness,some momentary awareness comesas an unexpected visitor.Welcome and entertain them all!Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,who violently sweep your houseempty of its furniture,still, treat each guest honorably.He may be clearing you outfor some new delight.The dark thought, the shame, the them at the door laughing and invite them in.Be grateful for whatever comes.because each has been sentas a guide from beyond.— Jellaludin Rumi,translation by Coleman Barks

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Inspiration: Esther Perel

Relationship & Sexuality Esther Perel is a Belgian therapist, author and TED presenter.  Esther talks about intimacy, communication, sexuality and offers solutions to stuck couple dynamics. In her podcast Where Should we Begin, Esther offers listeners the chance to eavesdrop on the failing relationships of real couples. Vulnerable experiences, feelings, and frustrations are shared openly for all to hear, and we can learn from listening to those familiar relationship dramas and Esther's interventions. Esther's books and podcasts offer us an insight into modern-day relationships and into what works and what doesn't. Find out more at

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Couple Counselling

by Sabine BroscheWhen couples have a problematic situation, there is often an underlying belief that makes each feel as if their partner needs to change.  As we untangle what is really going on inside each partner, I often find that each has a long list of requirements for the other. Often it is a list of urgent wants and needs. I need you to commit to our relationship.I want you to be more vulnerable.I want you to be more alive and engaging.I need you to make me a priority.I want you to be more attentive.I need you to contribute more to the relationship.…

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Fear, Anxiety, Worry

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Some highly evolved people say there are only two feeling: Love & Fear. And if we are not experiencing love we are –on some level– in fear/ anxiety/ worry. You may feel sometimes that you are alone with your fears while others are doing so well, are strong and confident. We tend to compare ourselves. As I see it fear is a build in human condition and the majority has it. And each of us has a different level of intensity and different triggers. There are some rare wise beings who don't experience fear anymore because they have gone beyond it. It is…

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