Couple Counselling

by Sabine BroscheWhen couples have a problematic situation, there is often an underlying belief that makes each feel as if their partner needs to change.  As we untangle what is really going on inside each partner, I often find that each has a long list of requirements for the other. Often it is a list of urgent wants and needs. I need you to commit to our relationship.I want you to be more vulnerable.I want you to be more alive and engaging.I need you to make me a priority.I want you to be more attentive.I need you to contribute more to the relationship.…

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Fear, Anxiety, Worry

Some highly evolved people say there are only two feeling: Love & Fear. And if we are not experiencing love we are –on some level– in fear/ anxiety/ worry. You may feel sometimes that you are alone with your fears while others are doing so well, are strong and confident. We tend to compare ourselves. As I see it fear is a build in human condition and the majority has it. And each of us has a different level of intensity and different triggers. There are some rare wise beings who don't experience fear anymore because they have gone beyond it. It is…

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